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Looking Forward to 2019

Updated: Dec 22, 2018

So although we had reasons to celebrate in 2018 by becoming an official chapter, it was a particularly hard year for most of us in the STATHS Family who had to say goodbye to many of our brothers and sister, a child or a parent. Yes, death came knocking on our door with a vengance this year and I dare not put a number to this because as far as I'm is too many.

It certainly put things into perspective for me as I paused to look at the grand scheme of things and said "Give Thanks For Life and Don't Sweat The Small Stuff."

If nothing else for the remainder of this year and into the next guys..........."LIVE YOUR LIFE ."

Welcome to our blog post.

We welcome one and all to provide feedback.

Let us know some of the things you are interested in learning more about in 2019.

What's happening at the school

We hope to keep everyone abrest on what is happening at th school on a regular basis throughout the year.

Check in often to see what's new.

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