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Updated: Oct 7, 2019

The UK Chapter is looking to get onboard with giving back so if you are aware of anyone not afraid to step up into a leadership role, please contact Sophia Gray - and let's get this party started.

Someone recently said "STATHS Have More Chapters Than The Bible." I say The More The Merrier!

Are you aware of all the chapters and their leaders? Here's your chance!

The Chapters

Let's meet ALL the Presidents!

Under the leadership of Archibald Roberts, President of the STATHS NE Chapter located in New York, it has been the chapter in operation the longest (14 years) and has by far made The Most Contributions back to the school. We congratulate them for laying out the blueprint for others to emulate.

Janet Chin newly elected, currently operates as the President of the STATHS S.FLA Chapter in Florida

Sylvester Richards is the current President of the STATHS SE Chapter located in Atlanta, GA

Sybil Jones is the President of the STATHS JA Chapter in Jamaica

Lancelot Hart newest kid on the block is the President of the STATHS CAN Chapter in Canada

While we haven't been able to identify anyone as yet to step into the leadership role for STATHS UK Chapter, we continue the quest because there has been enough interest expressed that they too want to get into this spirit of Giving Back to the school. Needless to say if any of you are aware of alums in the UK, Please spread the word and ask them to contact me - Sophia Gray ( if interest in getting the chapter started. Thank you. #giveback

UPDATE: We have indeed identified some individuals who are ready to get this party started, stay tuned........................................More to come

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