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Different Ways Of Giving Back

Updated: Oct 7, 2019

Can you believe these were heading for the dumps? Indeed they were, but thanks to the quick thinking of our Vice President Mr. Donavan Sterling, they found a happy home.

Rescued and relocated to a happy home. Alls well that ends well!

What are some of the ways you can give back to the school?

It's not always about dipping in your wallent to give back and support the school, there are many other ways of giving back. Check out this stroy below.

A Form Of Giving Back

So fast forward to a alumn visitig a friend who has a kid who "Used" to run track. The child is not longer running and has New and mildly used spikes that the parent apparantly thought was best fit to be thrown in the garbage. Thanks to the quick thinking of Donavan Sterling, those spikes found a new home at 64 Spansh Town Road in Kingston Jamaica. Mr Sterling reached out to then Principal Mr. Rayon Simpson asking him if he thought the kids could use them and that's all she wrote on that matter, :-)

So some of you may recall watching some of the videos posterd by the 2.4.6 group (bunch of past students formerly on the track team briefly in charge of the Track and Field Program) where we saw current members of the track team at practice runnung bare footed in 2017 yall! Can you imagine? Now back to ways you can help? How may of you like the person with the spikes throw away items that are in good condition? Did you know that STATHS has a Tag Sale each month? Are you aware that some chapters have a container they try to fill each year with donations for the school? Reach out to a chapter near you and find out how You can help. #Givingback

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