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2017 The Year We Started Our Journey Of Giving Back

So in 2016 we focused on moving our Link up to a more public forum in an effort to accommodate more people. With that list checked off, we used the opportunity in 2017 to collect from well wishers in attendance at the park and this was the results of that.

Unofficial Chapter gives back to school

In 2017, our second year of moving the STATHS Caribana Linkup to a park, we decided to collect a random donation from those in attendance and this was the results. The proceeds presented to the Principal at the the time Mr. Rayon Simpson, was donated to the Mentorship Program. Not bad for a spontanious collection, oh and by the way, the garbage bag contained about 12 pairs of spikes also donated by the chapter to the track team. And so started our journey of giving back. Thanks for all the support guys, YOU ROCK!

Unofficial Chapter starts the journey of giving back to the school.

Giving Back

So you missed out on this opportunity to give back to the chapter? No worries, there wil be plenty of other opportunities for you to do so. Stay tuned for some of the may different ways you can give back. #Giveback

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